Spelling and Vocabulary Matching

Spelling and Vocabulary Matching
Publisher: Houghton Miffline
Released: ?
Game Type: Puzzle

Game Summary: This game allows students to practice matching sounds from words with pictures.  The player will click on the boxes under the sea and match the beginning letter of the words to the beginning sound of the picture.  Once they have made all the matches they get a visual reward!

Educational Link: This is a great way to have young readers practice letter and sound correlations during reading.  This game would be a great warm-up for a small reading group. 

My Opinion: I like that this games gives the player a chance to time themselves while making the letter/sound matches.  It is intrinsically motivating when they have to beat their own times.  Also, I like the words and pictures that are displayed for the students to see.  ESOL and ELL students would really benefit from a game like this.

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