Math Lingo

Math Lingo
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Released: 1995
Game Type: Puzzle

Game Summary: This game provides the player with a picture of a math problem on the left side.  Then in the middle of the screen are 9 different answers in boxes.  The player has to choose the correct answer.  The answers are in the form of math vocabulary that students should use when solving math problems.  To answer the problem the player clicks the correct box.  Each time the player gets an answer correct a picture covers the box they choose.  The player wins by lining up 3 pictures, similar to a Tic-Tac-Toe board.   

Educational Link: Many times its difficult to get students to use math vocabulary words.  This game provides young learners with the chance to use math words while reviewing problems and concepts they may have already learned. 

My Opinion: I really like this game because students do not use math words enough at an early age.  This game forces them to use math vocabulary to solve problems.  The review aspect is also appealing to me as an educator because students always need ways to review previously taught concepts.  This game would be a great warm-up for a math class during a unit review depending on the concepts that have been taught. 

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