Map It!

Map It
Released: 2007
Game Type: Trivia

Summary: This "game" is called Map It.  I put the word game in parenthesis because I would expect that there be a purpose while playing and some type of reward.  This program simply allows students to type in locations around the world, and then an arrow will locate that place on the map.  There is not much gaming invovled for a site that is called

Educational Link:  This program would be helpful for students who are learning the location of different states, cities, and countries around the world.  During a geography lesson it would be nice to have this program open on the computer.  When students have questions about the location of different places, they would be able to go to the computer and look up the location themselves by typing it in.  Map It could assist them with their learning of the location of different places around the world, instead of the teacher simply showing them where it is.   

My Opinion: In terms of this program being called a "game" I was pretty disappointed when I first opened the link to the game.  It is not game-like at all.  There is not a challenge or a purpose.  It is more like a reference for students to use to find locations around the world.  This tool would be helpful when searching for unknown destinations.  However, I would not consider it a game.   

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