SeeSaw Logic

SeeSaw Logic
Publisher: Yahoo! Inc.
Released: 2010
Game Type: Puzzle

Summary: This game uses logical thinking skills in order to determine which shape is the heaviest out of a group of shapes that are placed on balances.  The picture above shows a higher level puzzle in which the player has to use the process of elimination in order to decide which shape is the heaviest.  Just because the pyramid is heavier on one scale, does not mean the the pyramid is the heaviest shape overall.  At the beginning level of the game there is only one scale with one object on each end.  The player should be able to solve this problem easily by selecting the shape that is touching the ground.  During the game the player can keep track of their points and how long it takes them to correctly solve a problem.  This game provides the player with an intrinsic motivation of trying to beat their score each time.  Once a level is completed the problems become more difficult as more points are earned.   

Educational Link:  This game has great potential of teaching kids how to use logic in order to solve problems.  When a student is playing this game they have to think about which shapes are heavy compared to others on different balances.  Logic is not only applied to a game like this one, logic is used in many different math, reading, and life problems.  Logical thinking will help students arrive at answers on their own instead of asking for help all of the time.  Students will become more indepedent if they can logically solve problems by theirselves.  This game provides a meaningful practice for logical thinking.   

My Opinion:  I like that this game challenges the players thinking by slightly increasing the difficulty of the problems each time.  It really forces the player to compare objects and think about which one is the heaviest overall.  Also, it has the motivation factor, which will keep players coming back for more.  Players will want to return to the game to try and beat their previous scores.  One downside is that there did not seem to be an ending to the game.  Its important that a game provides closure for the player so they will know how they have done after playing the game. 

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