1XL Website

Publisher: Quia Corporation (1XL)
Released: 2010
Game Type: Trivia

Summary: This website provides lot of practice on different math skills. The player is able to choose which skill they would like to practice according to grade level.  The games provide a question and answer format that is timed.  Once again this "game" does not really have a goal for the player or any rewards. The player reads the question and then types in the answer in the answer block. 

Educational Link: This game would provide lots of drill and practice for struggling students in certain concept areas of math.  Many basic math questions like one more, one less, 10 more, and 10 less are assessed during this game.  These basic skills are often difficult to find in the form of a computer game.   

My Opinion:  I do not like this math website because it does not seem to be motivating for the players.  They are just answering questions over and over again.  There is no end.  They would have to select when they want to finish answering the questions.  If a teacher were to take a class to the computer lab in order for everyone to practice these skills through the use of a game, the students would be bored of the game very quickly.  I have noticed that my students like to see motivating visual rewards on the computer, or at least a level change to know they are making progress.  Games that provide drill and practice tend to get old very quickly to young learners. 

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