Crazy Moves

Crazy Moves
Publisher: General Mills
Released: 2010
Game Type: Life Simulation
Game Summary: During this game the player gives commands to the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal character.  The commands have to be verbs that are one word.  Then the Cinnamon Toast Crunch character will perform the command.

Educational Link: Teaching Verbs

My Opinion: I like that this game would give my students practice with using verbs.  Crazy Moves would also be helpful for ESOL and ELL students because they would not only be using the words, but they would get to see them in action too.  A downfall is that some words you type in do not work.  There may be limited verbs you can use with the game.

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  1. what .com did you find it on man.bye the way i'm a lady that's 7.